Group History


Our current group began in 1962 with the formation of a Cub Scout Pack by John Nordon and Mrs P Bond, with David Cochrane as Group Scout Master. It was not until 3rd May 1964 that the Group’s registration at Headquarters was first recorded, but it is believed that there may have been Scouting in Sawston earlier than this (although we have no records of this). Finding a suitable venue to meet proved difficult and the first Pack ended up meeting at David Cochrane’s house. David later formed a Scout Troop and when John Nordon and Mrs Bond moved from the village, David ran both the Cubs and Scouts with a parent helper, Bob Tant. Bob later became a warranted leader and was joined by Frank Carter and the two of them started a very successful District football competition. David retired in about 1976 after 42 years service to the Movement, 28 years as a warranted leader. Bob and Frank continued as Cub Scout leaders for a number of years.

Recent History

From these small beginnings the Group has flourished and in 1993 the Group started its first Beaver Scout Colony. Over the last twenty years the groups have moved venues several times, using facilities at St Mary’s Church Hall, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Hall, Sawston Village College, Sawston Youth Centre and even the historic Sawston Hall. We have been active engagers in village life, taking part in the yearly Remembrance Parade, Sawston Fun Run, Sawston Christmas Late Night Shopping, local visits, carol singing, flower planting, bird box making and lending our tents out to good causes in Sawston and the surrounding area.

The Future

Our hope for the future is that our Group, along with the other youth organisations, can continue to provide enjoyable and attractive programmes and activities for the youth of Sawston. Do you know something about our history that we don’t? We’d love to hear from you - please contact us!


1986 - the visit of 12 Scouts, accompanied by scout leaders Alan Thompson and Bruce Milner, to Selsingen in Germany provided the seeds for the eventual twinning of the two villages in 1989.

1989 - the start of waste paper recycling in Sawston with a monthly container in the village car park which then led to South Cambs District Council placing a permanent skip in the car park in 1993, which is still there today.

2000 - the Gang Show in conjunction with Whittlesford District Guides and Brownies was our contribution to the village’s Millennium Celebrations.

2004 - a reunion barbecue was held to celebrate the Group’s 40th anniversary, which was attended by about 50 members both past and present including our founding Scout Leader David Cochrane and his wife Sheila.

2007 - celebrating the Scouting Movement’s centenary with a Founders Day Service at Great St Mary’s Church in Cambridge, a centenary camp at Cherry Hinton Hall and a Sport & Fun Day, which was attended by members of the other youth organisations within the village.

2013 - the Group celebrates its Golden Jubilee with a series of events and celebrations. A celebratory garden party is held, photos of which can be viewed here.

2017 - the Group added a gold edge to its neckerchief

page last updated on 8th May 2018
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